The Annual General Meeting of the Membership

of the

Bluenose Curling Club

will be held on

Thursday, May 24, 2018

7:00 p.m.

The business of the meeting includes Reports of Directors, Election of Directors, Presentation of Life Memberships and Inductions to the Bluenose Hall of Fame.

Election of Directors

 In accordance with the by-laws “Any three (3) Voting Members of the Society may nominate another Voting Member of the Society to stand for election to the Board of Directors.  Such nominations must be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Society not later than three (3) days before an ordinary or general meeting of the Society and include the written consent of the nominee.”

ALSO Please note this takes place just before our Yardsale taking place the following Friday evening May 25, then the morning of the 26th. Please start considering what you may be able to donate to this cause and how you may be able to contribute in other ways


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